March 2023

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Containers Orchestration

SKILup Hours are educational webinars for IT Professionals that include roundtable discussions moderated by industry experts. They provide discrete buildable, how-to knowledge on topics crossing people, process and technology.

Containers have revolutionized the IT infrastructure landscape by being less resource hungry, more portable, consistent and efficient than traditional server and machine virtualization approaches. They allow for building, testing and deploying applications in smaller units to support the DevOps goal of loosely coupled systems that can be continuously delivered. But everything’s a trade-off in life and these advantages can be outweighed by the increased complexity — and this is where container orchestration comes in.

Join our experts for this SKILup Hour to learn about how Container Orchestration helps organizations architect for higher velocity, adaptability and reliability resulting in higher performing software delivery organizations.

What Will You


- How DevOps principles like CICD, progressive deployments and AIOps support incident management

- How lighter-weight change management can be introduced without increasing downtime

- Why changing approaches to incident management injects capacity into IT teams that can be invested in innovating more value for customers

Who Should


  • Heads of IT Operations
  • Incident Management Teams
  • DevOps and Engineering Leaders
  • Developers
  • IT Operations Engineers
  • Support Analysts
  • Release Engineers
  • Cloud Architects
  • Site Reliability Engineers

What Timezones

Are SKILup Hours?

- SKILup Hours are scheduled for the APAC region at 11am SGT, and for AMER/EMEA regions at 8am PT/11am ET and 4pm GMT. When registering for SKILup Hours, please ensure you select the appropriate timezone for your region.

- Despite the different APAC and AMER/EMEA regions, each SKILup Hour’s topic is the same and shown live on the same day, but their panels will differ, according to your chosen region.

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SKILup Hours

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SKILup Hours are bite-sized, unique learning opportunities providing practical, how-to knowledge on DevOps topics including people, process, and technology.

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Yes. SKILup Hours are available on this platform for 30 days after the event. Any previous event content can be accessed on demand through DevOps Institute’s “SKILup IT Learning program“.
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